Simple Metadata



This plugin provides the ability to set different types of schema types in one click (for Blogs and WebSites) by using the default WordPress fields.
By default:
a Page is a WebPage type
a Post is an Article type
in a PB installation, a site is a Book and a Post is a Chapter
Front-page related content
Types: Blog & WebSite
    CreativeWork type: inLanguage
    Thing type: name, description & URL
Pages related content
WebPage type
    AboutPage type
    CheckoutPage type
    CollectionPage type
    ImageGallery type
    VideoGallery type
    ContactPage type
    FAQPage type
    ItemPage type
    MedicalWebPage type
    ProfilePage type
    QAPage type
    SearchResultsPage type
WepPage Type:
    Properties: lastReviewed
CreativeWork type:
    Properties: author, dateCreated, datePublished, editor, headline & thumbnailUrl
Posts related content
Article type
    AdvertiserContentArticle type
Report type
SatiricalArticle type
SocialMediaPosting type
    BlogPosting type
    LiveBlogPosting type
    DiscussionForumPosting type
TechArticle type
Article type
    Properties: articleBody, articleSection & wordCount
CreativeWork Type
    Properties: author, dateCreated, dateModified, datePublished, editor, headline, keywords, logo, publisher, thumbnailUrl
Thing type
    Properties: image
Works with
The SEO framework Yoast SEO

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